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Books relating to Nordic Mythology, The Viking Age, or other relevant materials.


  • Viking Leicestershire Written By Roderick Dale
  • The Vikings Reimagined: Reception, Recovery, Engagement Written By Tom Birkett and Roderick Dale
  • Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of Kings? Written By Martin Carver
  • Viking Britain Written By Thomas J T Williams
  • Runes: A Handbook Written By Michael P Barnes
  • American Heathens: The Politics of Identity in a Pagan Religious Movement Written By Jennifer Snook
  • Norse Mythology Written By Neil Gaiman
  • Asatru for Beginners Written By Dr. Mathias Nordvig


Sagas are written stories that catalog the achievements of Norse hero's and kings.

  • Ynglinga saga Written by Snorri Sturluson
    • Story of King Sigmund and his family.
  • Eiriks Saga
    • Chronicles the discovery of Vinland by Erik the red, Leif Erikson's father.
  • Njáls saga
  • Króka-Refs saga


Eddas are the primary source information for mythology and history of the ancient Scandinavian peoples. There are two types of Eddas. The Prose Edda is the older of the Edda's is the Poetic Edda. The Edda's were written down in the 13th century in Iceland and are comprised of poems from the mythology and legends.

  • Prose Edda
  • Poetic Edda
    • The Poetic Edda has been translated and interpreted many times. This version is seen as one of the Better interpretations of the Old Norse Edda.

Misc Literature

  • Codex Regius Unknown writer ~1270’s
  • Chronicon Roskildense Possibly written by Saxo dated ~1138-1140


  • Gulatinglov
    • written down in the 1100’s but was the precursor to the Icelandic Ulvljotslovi.
  • Ulvljotslovi
    • icelandic law dating to around the 930’s

Annals The information made by foreign bodies of Viking activity.

  • Annals of the Frankish Empire
    • King Godfrey of the Danes builds fortifications against Emperor Charlemagne. Yr 808
  • Irish Ulster Annals in January 840
    • first Plundering written regarding Lugbad.