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I'm the Guildmaster of The Guild, harbinger of OCR's Ghost Squad party marshals, and an indepedent wrestler and stunt fighter. I drink rum, bellow a lot and charge around the place, giving off more energy than I take on - until I collapse. That's my thing.

I'm currently the world's sixth strongest (unenhanced) man under 80kg, Britain's second strongest and South England's strongest. I train people one-on-one and in groups at my own strongman gym, The Stronghold - based near Beaconsfield, just outside London. I also run fitness retreats around the UK, from three to seven days long - as holiday escapes and training workshops.

I teach stunt and stage combat in schools or for corporate events, and run boot camps and fitness training for groups of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

In my downtime I write books (there are three in my shop), create bespoke beard oils for mighty men, and make silly music.

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